Class of '65 Trivia Contest                         

Who won the World Series in 1947?
     Chicago White Sox    Detroit Tigers    New York Giants     New York Yankees
Who won the Kentucky Derby in 1947?

                Secretariat   Citation   Jet Pilot  Sea Biscuit

Who won Best Picture for 1947?
                Ben Hur    The King and I,     King Kong      Gentlemen’s Agreement

Glenbard  High School was first occupied in
                1922                       1914                       1898

Who served longest as Glenbard Principal?
                Fred L. Biester          John Sheahan            Dean Stoakes

Who of the following was not on Homecoming court our senior year?
                Dennis Nugent                 Barb Johnston            Gregg Behrens
Glenbard West football field was named after

                William Dutch                   William Duchon               Paul Horning
he original Pinnacle advisor until his retirement was

                George Wall                      Henry Firley                       H. Wilfred Moore

Previous names for Glen Ellyn were
Babcock's Grove          Newton's Station Prospect Park         Danby Corner

Back in the day, this was only one actual restaurant in downtown Glen Ellyn
                Arnold's               Henry's                Olsen's            Johnson's

The star of "Lucas", a major motion picture filmed in Glen Ellyn was
                Corey Feldman     Corey Haim         Wendell Corey     Corey Montieth

What building in  downtown smelled like wet wool and 10 cent hot chocolate
                Webb's Drugs                Horseley"s              The Boathouse

Which British Invasion Rock Group appeared at the Glen Theater?
         Herman's Hermits   Dave Clark 5  Gerry and the Pacemakers  Ides Of March

What famous television series first appeared in 1965?
Beverly Hillbillies            Davy Crockett       Jack Benny Show          Green Acres

Where was the first draft card burned in 1965?
Los Angeles                        Webb’s Pharmacy           Woodstock         San Francisco

Which movie won best picture in 1965?
The Sound of Music   Thomas Crown Affair       American Graffiti   The Robe

Who was President in 1965?
Richard Nixon                   John Kenndy      Lyndon Johnson     Eugene Mccarthy